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Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the Akasa Venom Voodoo cooler is relatively straightforward and removing the motherboard from the case is not required if the case has a tray cut open behind the CPU area. The first thing a user has to do is insert the backplate from the back of the motherboard.

Next, after finding which retention brackets are right for their system, the users need to secure them on the cooler itself by using the provided screws. AMD users will also have to remove the reference plastic retention bracket from their motherboards before they proceed with the installation of this cooler.

A thin layer of thermal compound has to be spread on the CPU before placing the cooler on it and securing the cooler using the provided screws. The screws can be tightened by hand but in order to secure them tightly one has to use a simple Philips screwdriver. What is unfortunate is that the user cannot adjust the orientation of the cooler when installing it on an AMD CPU.

Finally complete with the two cooling fans clipped on, the Akasa’s Venom Voodoo cooler might be relatively compact but the two cooling fans add a lot of mass and the complete cooler will cover everything near the CPU area when installed on a motherboard. This could be a potential problem for people who want to install tall RAM modules near their CPU area.

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