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Albatron GeForce PCX 5750 Review

The Albatron PCX 5750 is built on the teal colored PCB we’ve seen Albatron use over the last few years.

The card has eight Samsung memory chips, four on the front and four on the back of the card. The card’s front memory chips have a heatsink attached, while the chips on the back do not.

The card uses Samsung K426138E-TC36 memory chips, clocked at 400MHz.

Albatron designed their own custom cooling setup for the PCX 5750, and as you can see it covers the four memory modules that are on the front of the card. The Albatron PCX 5750 runs very quietly, due to the small size of the fan on the cards cooling solution.

As you can see from the picture above, the Albatron GeForce PCX 5750 has no external power adapter attached to it. Cards running on PCI Express can get up to 65W of power to them, so the next few generations of mid-ranged PCI Express cards from both ATI and NVIDIA should not require any additional power.


Unfortunately for those looking to build an SLI rig in the next few months, the PCX 5750 is currently the only NVIDIA based PCI Express graphics card that does not have an MIO port, the port required to hook two cards up in SLI.

And finally the Albatron GeForce PCX 5750 has the standard VGA, S-Video, and DVI outputs.

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