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Albatron K8SLi Review

First Impressions

The ABS (Albatron BIOS Security) daughter card

The Albatron K8SLI features a very unique Dual BIOS mechanism, dubbed as Albatron BIOS Security (ABS), the 2nd BIOS IC is not placed
onboard, instead it’s placed on a daughterboard, minimizing the chances of both BIOS corrupting together. Even if such a situation occurs, users will only need to send the ABS daughterboard for RMA, meaning there’s no need for users to remove the mainboard from the case to remove the board for RMA.

The daughtercard attached the the motherboard

This board is perhaps one of the smallest SLI-capable board in the market, measuring at only 293×198 mm. All components are pretty jammed packed on the board and from the looks of it, users might find trouble working around with the mainboard if large CPU & VGA heatsinks are used with the mainboard. I.E. If you’re on SLI, even a normal 6600GT will shadow over the Serial ATA ports.

The reason why Albatron chose to go away with a Full-ATX board is perhaps to cut cost. The projected SRP of the board is about USD$ 125, one of the cheapest in the market. From the looks of it, the board is rather trimmed down in terms of features, only features included in the chipset are found onboard, i.e Gigabit LAN and SATA-II. Apart from that, other
features are practically non existence, you wouldn’t even be able to find Firewire onboard, and with only 2 PCI slots onboard, wasting one of these precious slots for a firewire controller might not be such a good solution.

Let’s waste no time, click on to read more about the board.

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