The box, with the military-based design and an eye catching tank.

The accessories, nothing fancy at all, from top left, clockwise direction:

  • SATA Power converter
  • SATA Cable
  • Manual
  • Case Sticker
  • Driver CD
  • I/O Plate
  • ABS Daughterboard
  • SLI Connector
  • ATA133 IDE cable, ATA33 IDE cable, floppy cable
  • Quick Installation Guide

Albatron could consider including more SATA cables and power connectors together
with the board as the board comes with 4 native SATA-II ports.

A second look at the board. The chipset is located right below the CPU socket,
unlike other Nforce 4 based boards, where the chipset is located right next
to the PCI-E x16 slots

A closer look at the shiny chipset heatsink, with Albatron’s trademark stuck
in the center.

Unlike many other Nforce 4 SLI boards, the Albatron does not require an extra
switch card for SLI connectivity.

The Realtek 6 channel sound onboard

The Vitesse 8201 Gigabit LAN PHY