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Albatron Released 780G Mini-ITX Board

Albatron has announced the KI780G Mini-ITX mainboard featuring the AMD 780G
chipse. This Mini-ITX
board supports AM2+ socket,
4-core/3-core AMD Phenom™ processorsa PCIe X16 slot, 128MB side-port DDR2” memory,
8-channel audio and up to 10 USB 2.0

Albatron Technology has announced the KI780G Mini-ITX mainboard featuring the
AMD 780G chipset, claiming the top-dog spot in the Mini-ITX market. This Mini-ITX
board’s most distinguishing feature is the AM2+ socket and support for powerful
4-core, 3-core AMD Phenom™ processors. Not only does the KI780G define a new
class of performance Mini-ITX mainboards, it boasts the most complete set of
functionality on par with many ATX boards on the market.

AM2+ socket and Phenom Processors
Recently, AMD had upgraded the AM2 socket to what is called the “AM2+” socket,
which allows for powerful Phenom 4-core and 3-core processors. When used with
Phenom processors, the HyperTransport transfer rates can reach up to a sizzling
3 GHz! The KI780G is able to handle up to 65W processors.

Graphics – Bluray, 3D gaming and dedicated on-board GFX memory
Integrated graphics has come a long way and the AMD 780G with its integrated ATI
HD3200 graphics engine is “proof in the pudding”! Used with the latest AMD CPUs,
the KI780G graphics is capable of handling even the most demanding, hi-content
Bluray labels.

As for serious 3D gaming, the KI780G provides a PCIe X16 slot which employs
four of the lanes but can still accept any PCIe X16 VGA card. As the 4-lane
bandwidth is not as important as having a good GPU for 3D gaming, the KI780G has
been shown to handle hardcore 3D games as long as it is used with an adequate
VGA card.

Another nice feature on this board is “128MB side-port DDR2” memory dedicated
for use with the VGA card, increasing 3D performance by 10% and eliminating the
need for the graphics system to borrow shared system memory.

Home Sweet Home Theatre PC – Audio, Connectibility, Internet and Storage
In addition to the great graphics facilities, the KI780G has everything you need
to build your Home Theatre PC; a complete set of monitor connectors including
HDMI; full 8-channel audio capabilities plus SDPIF in/out; and up to 10 USB 2.0
channels for the rest of your hi-tech gadgets. You can store all of your
pictures and videos on up to four SATA II drives while protecting your valuable
data with RAID disk management. This board is equipped with a GBit LAN connector
supported by a Marvel LAN chipset.

Don’t worry, be happy – 100% Solid Aluminum Capacitors!
If you experienced or heard about swelling, leaking and even exploding
capacitors, you needn’t worry with the KI780G – it comes with all 100% Solid
Aluminum Capacitors promising the most durable, stable capacitors as any
mainboard on the market!

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