Have a smartphone? Have a laptop? Have a Playstation? Have an Xbox? If you have answered “yes’ to any of the questions and you are in Florida, you are now in possession of illegal items.



Following a new signing of a new anti-Internet Gambling bill by Florida governor Rick Scott, Florida is now the world’s first state to have declared all smartphones, computers and gaming devices illegal. Originally written and targeted at preventing internet gambling, the newly enacted law has defined slot machines and internet cafes as a “system or network of devices”, resulting in smartphones, computers and other innocent Internet-connected devices to be included in the ban.

Fortunately, apart from the accidental inclusion of every other device a typical Floridian would own, the new law has seen its effectiveness in combating its original target it intended to prevent – all internet cafes in Florida have been shut down, achieving its intended effect. It is still unknown if the law will be amended to remove the inclusion of innocent device, but Consuelo Zapata, an owner of internet cafe Incredible Investments, LLC, is currently suing the government for enacting the new law “in a frenzy fueled by distorted judgment in the wake of a scandal that included the Lieutenant Governor’s resignation” and wishes to have the new law declared unconstitutional.

Via: The Huffington Post, The Florida Senate, The Miami Herald