Alleged pricing of the upcoming budget Apple iPhone surfaces, puts the 16 GB model at $349. Value conscious buyers not too happy.

low cost budget Apple iPhone

We always knew that this could boil down to be a massive disappointment. The so-called budget iPhone from Apple could actually end up with a not-so-budget friendly price, and if the tweet by Sonny Dickson, a man behind many accurate Apple products related leaks in the past, is to be believed, Apple’s budget iPhone is not going to be so budget-friendly after all.

Consider this. A quad-core Smartphone, a great design, a beautiful 4.7-inch HD+ display, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, all for $349. This is Google’s highest end Smartphone offering, the Nexus 4. Now consider this one other product. A small 3.5-inch or 4-inch display, possibly a single-core chipset, a much lower display resolution, probably 512 MB of RAM, and a ‘budget’ moniker attached to it. This is Apple’s lowest end Smartphone, the budget iPhone (or whatever it will be called once launched).

Here’s what Sonny Dickson’s tweet says:

If the guy knows what he’s talking about, then we are in for some massive disappointment. A low-cost device seldom sells for an amazingly affordable $549, but we’re going to ignore the 64 GB model. Even the 16 GB model would cost $349. No can’t do Apple, no can’t do. Why would I ever pick your budget offering over Google’s latest and greatest? The answer is, I won’t.

low cost budget Apple iPhone (1)

Let’s hope Sonny’s got it wrong, and the prices are a $100 lesser than predicted. Maybe then value-oriented buyers, the original target for the phone, would actually begin to consider buying an iPhone.