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Alleged iPhone 5C press shot surfaces online

The iPhone 5C is one of two new smartphones that Apple is expected to unveil on September 10th. Ahead of the imminent announcement, an alleged iPhone 5C press shot has already surfaced online.


iPhone 5C is going to be the cheaper of two iPhones that Apple announces next month. Initially known as the low cost iPhone, this device is reportedly made from polycarbonate. Since it shuns expensive materials such as aluminium and glass, Apple can keep the overall cost down for customers. The iPhone 5C is expected to be priced between $300-$400, the price point is believed to be in a sweet spot particularly for the Chinese market, where it is expected to become a hit.

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a lot of purported iPhone 5C casing pictures being leaked. The smartphone is said to come in five color options. Pictures showing off the purported casing in each particular color have surfaced online, all of the pictures show an identical casing. Caliper measurements reveal that the iPhone 5C may be thicker than the iPhone 5, but there’s no way of knowing it for sure now.

This alleged iPhone 5C press shot has been posted online by a Romanian retailer, since its an unofficial source, we can’t be entirely sure if this is indeed the press shot Apple will go with. What do you this about this shot? Does it look like an artist’s render to you than an actual press shot that Apple would use for a brand new iPhone? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: TrustedReviews

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