Gold could be Apple’s favorite color going forward, as pictures leaked by Chinese website Weibo show off a iPad mini 2 in gold, with what looks like a fingerprint sensor-enabled home button. 


The images back a previous rumor that the upcoming iPads would feature Apple’s new Touch ID sensor, so users can look forward to unlocking their tablets and making iTunes purchases using their fingerprints (well, provided these images are authentic). A fingerprint scanner doesn’t exactly make sense on a tablet, since we don’t usually have our thumbs centered on the home button, but it seems like Apple wants to give users the option of a simple and secure way of accessing their devices, regardless of form factor.

Also, if you aren’t already thinking that the iPad mini 2 isn’t going to be as cheap as its predecessor was, what with the fingerprint tech and gold coloring, here’s something that will help – according to Sonny Dickson, the second-generation iPad mini will be powered by the same A7 processor that powers the iPhone 5s. Apple probably realized that it can’t compete with the dirt cheap offerings from Google, Amazon, and unnamed Chinese manufacturers, so it’s possible the iPad mini 2 will be as high-end as the 10-inch iPad, and will be priced accordingly.