Amazon has announced the opening of a new Android app store to compete with Apple’s, and also a developer portal for coders who are interested in creating apps for the Android-based devices. On top of that, the online retailer has also announced the Kindle app for Windows Phone 7.

Amazon has expressed strong interest in developing its mobile segment and also developing apps for Google’s Android mobile operating system. Apparently, many developers have complained that it is difficult to get noticed on Android Market as it is built around search, featured apps and top downloads. And with the online retailer jumping on the bandwagon, Amazon says it will use its own marketing techniques to help sell the apps. At the moment, the company will only sell Android applications, though it is possible it may offer apps from other platforms in future.

The Kindle app was made available for Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. And now, owners of Windows Phone 7 can download the new Kindle app to their smartphones and read their favorite ebooks. You can download the Kindle for Windows Phone 7 app free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: PC Magazine, eweek


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