48 hours. That’s how long it took Amazon to make an unprecedented marketing move and address rumors of the world’s first Kindle smartphone for the first time.


Between you and me, this is fairly surprising, but then again it’s not. Because while the company’s officials are notorious for always declining to comment on gossip and unreleased products, this particular rumor fest escalated a little too fast to the point that it completely got out of control.

As if the story according to which one of two Amazon smartphones set to be released this year was to come with a glasses-free 3D screen wasn’t ridiculous enough, a fairly well-known tech blogger and former Wall Street Journal reporter came forward with a fantasy about the handheld duo being made available completely for free. As in both with and without contracts.

The most absurd theory in the history of mobile tech? That’s putting it mildly. Anyhow, let’s not give this pundit wannabe any more attention than she deserves and instead focus on Amazon’s response to the preposterous claims.


A response that’s as straightforward as it is filled with common sense. According to a company spokesperson, there’s no Amazon smartphone coming out this year and, if and when such a product will see daylight, it won’t be free. Case closed? Not so fast.

Reading between the lines of such a direct and brief statement can be a fairly tricky business, but if you’ll allow me, I’m going to take this debunking of the recent rumor as the clearest confirmation yet that Amazon is indeed pondering a dive in the smartphone world. Otherwise, why would they bother to set the record straight? And lower people’s expectations? Food for thought, right?

Source: Jessica Lessin