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Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HDX 7 get $50 price trims for Cyber Monday

In addition to offering almost unusual savings on next-gen games for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Amazon has a couple of Cyber Monday treats for hardware buyers too, slashing the prices of two Kindle Fire tablets.


The special promotion has been kicked into gear already and is set to end come night time today. Unless stocks run out earlier, which may well happen as the 7-inch duo on sale is fairly popular even when going for normal prices.

Right now, the Fire HD 7 costs $119 in a model packing 16 GB of storage and including “special offers”, whereas the version sans ads and sponsored screensavers is 15 bucks pricier. In each case, you’re looking at $50 discounts, but oddly the 8 GB variation wasn’t invited to the Cyber Monday party, so for a limited time it’s more expensive than the 16 GB-er, going for $139 and up.

Meanwhile, the Fire HDX 7, the lighter, sleeker, much more powerful and vibrant slab of silicon, commands a starting price of $179, with 16 GB built-in memory, special offers and Wi-Fi only connectivity.

Kindle Fire

Between you and I, this thing is a total knockout at 180 clams, the value for money being downright mind-blowing, as you score quad-core Snapdragon 800 heat, an incredible 1,920 x 1,200 pixel count and 2 GB RAM.

$15 extra can of course get you rid of pesky commercials, while the versions with a bit of extra wiggle room go for $219 (32 GB storage) and $259 (64 gigs). $50 savings are valid across the table, albeit speed junkies out there are bound to be saddened by the top-shelf 8.9-inch Amazon Fire HDX not being invited to the Cyber Monday celebration. Oh, well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers indeed.

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