Amazon has finally launched a desktop application for its Cloud Player music service, which was only available through a web app and mobile apps previously.

The service will allow people to sync their purchased Amazon music and access their tunes locally.  As usual, users will be able to store their Amazon purchases on the company’s cloud service indefinitely, with 250 tracks allotted to non-Amazon purchases.

Currently, the desktop app is only available for PC users, but Amazon says that it is working on a Mac version of the app.  Amazon is certainly stepping into a territory that has been long dominated by Apple and its iTunes, and a move to a dedicated desktop app means Amazon is confident that it can attract not only PC users but also Mac users.

iTunes have lost some traction in recent years due to the spawn of free online radio services such Pandora and Spotify.  Despite having increased its offering from some 200,000 tracks to over 26 million, iTunes continues to lose its appeal as users switch to free services.