Amazon aims to directly compete with Wal-Mart by matching their pre-Black Friday sale on select next-gen games, including both cross-platform and exclusive titles.


Many gamers have already taken advantage of Wal-Mart’s fantastic pre-Black Friday sale, which slashes prices on select next-gen games down to $49. This is a great way to save a nice bit of change, as any gamer can tell you the weight of multiple retail game purchases can do a number on your pocketbook.

It’s only natural to want to pick up a few games for your snazzy new next-gen console, but due to the high demand some Wal-Mart stores have run out of stock both on-shelf and online.

Luckily Amazon has you covered.

One keen-eyed NeoGAF user spotted that Amazon has met Wal-Marts sale on certain Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games, spanning cross-platform titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Angry Birds: Star Wars along with exclusives like Knack and Dead Rising 3.

Below is a full list of the games offered in Amazon’s sale, all of which are marked down to $49. Note that not all cross-platform games are available for the opposite system, i.e. NBA 2K14 is only available on Xbox One in Amazon’s sale.

Xbox One Only

Cross-Platform Sales

PS4 Only

Be sure to scan Amazon’s teasingly suspenseful Black Friday samples which pop-up every ten minutes, offering a glimpse on what’s to come on the big day.

As for other Black Friday game deals, don’t forget that Target is offering a Nintendo 3DS XL console for $149.99, and even a 50-inch 1080p Element HDTV for just $229.

Best Buy, on the other hand, has them beat with their 3DS XL Luigi’s Mansion bundle for the same price.

These sales offer consumers a great way to knock off a few gifts off their Christmas list (or maybe level out your PS4/Xbox One launch day collection) without having to put too much hurt on your wallet. The trade off is that you might have to wrestle a few mobs who have their eye on your shiny new 3DS (or 50-inch HDTV), but that’s Black Friday for you.

Via DualShockers