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Amazon offers upgrades from select Xbox 360 games to Xbox One for $9.99 in new promotion

One Up Your Game

In Amazon’s new One Up Your Game promotion, customers who order select titles will be able to upgrade to an Xbox One version of the same game for only $9.99.

The online retailer has included a myriad of triple-A titles in their promotion lineup including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4 and more. The promotion can only be used once, however, and is subject to pending approval from Amazon.

Along with the next-gen upgrade, the promotion itself also grants customers a $25 bonus credit towards an Xbox One game after trading in qualifying titles. The $25 credit is tacked onto the value of the trade-in, which will be Amazon has confirmed will be worth at least $25.

Amazon Promotion

The offer extends to Dec. 31, and is akin to a current on-going GameStop promotion that gives PowerUp Rewards a similar opportunity to upgrade to next-gen versions of select games. A GameStop executive had the following to say about the promotion itself and why it was implemented:

“This is an amazing opportunity for our PowerUp (PUR) members to enjoy their favorite Xbox 360 game until the Xbox One version becomes available,” GameStop’s senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon said in statement.

“This offer gives PUR members the chance to upgrade their current Xbox 360 game for the new Xbox One standard version of that game for $9.99.”

Full details including terms and conditions of the One Up Your Game promotion can be found here, along with a short FAQ section that answers various related queries.

Via Amazon, Polygon

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