Apple’s iPad Air has been mocked by both Nokia and Microsoft recently with comparative ads and now Amazon joins the chain-yanking campaign with a commercial of its own pitting the iOS-based 9.7-incher against the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Kindle Fire HDX

In spite of not being included in Amazon’s Cyber Monday promotion, the biggest, most impressive member of the Kindle family continues to have the upper hand on the latest iPad in terms of pricing.

That’s just one of the points the Kindle makers are trying to make in their latest 30-second video clip, also highlighting their contender’s screen has “nearly 1 million more pixels” than the Retina panel-boasting iPad. Oh, yeah, and they once again emphasize the 8.9-incher is 20% lighter than the 9.7-incher, again “neglecting” to mention the weight gap may have something to do with, well, the size gap. Or the build quality, which is arguably superior on the iPad Air.

Be that as it may, there’s clearly more than one area where the Fire HDX 8.9 trumps its mortal rival, so on the whole, folks looking for a larger than 8-inch slate are in quite the pickle.

As such, I wouldn’t be at all shocked to hear what tips the balance in Amazon’s favor is its subtle sense of irony and much sharper anti-Apple stabs than those of Microsoft. Nope, you’re not hearing things, the voiceover “promoting” the iPad Air below is an intentional nod to Jonathan Ive’s usually bombastic way of talking about iDevices. Double win for Amazon, hilarious and smart, right?