There were a lot of people who wanted to pre-order the PS4 but were a little slow in pulling the trigger and therefore could not snag a launch edition but Amazon has you covered if you just cannot wait.


The Playstation 4 was revealed last week to a lot of fan fair.  Not only does the hardware come with no built-in DRM at all, the price was announced to be a surprisingly low $399. I say surprising because a lot of people expected it to be a bit higher than that given the superior specs compared to the competition but Sony still managed to come in at $100 cheaper.

Since then the console has been flying off the shelves if pre-orders are anything to go by.  The console is selling out at a lot of retailers including Amazon, who ran out of “launch edition” PS4s and began selling standard editions. The good news is if you didn’t snag a launch edition then you still have a chance to get the console on release day by ordering one of Amazon’s new PS4 bundles.

It’s unsure how long they will stay this way but as of now they guarantee a launch day release. The bundle options include Watch Dogs or Knack, as well as another bundle with either Battlefield 4 or Killzone and a year of PS Plus, and the price ranges from $460 to $500 depending on which.  Check them out before it’s too late.

Source: Amazon Via: Engadget


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