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Amazon’s set top box to come with game streaming functionality

Amazon will offer a remote game streaming service with its Chromecast-like dongle.

Amazon Dongle Chromecast

Amazon has been long rumored to be working on a set top box. A team at Lab 126, a research and development organization that is a subsidiary of Amazon, is said to be building the product, which will be similar in design to the Chromecast.

An insider source announced that the dongle will feature the ability to stream games, another area Amazon was rumored to be interested in. The dongle would be able to stream full-fledged PC titles. Amazon is considering going the remote game streaming route, which means that the game processing will be handled by Amazon’s servers. Amazon’s proficiency in the cloud services segment will work to its advantage here. All titles streamed from Amazon’s servers will be delivered at 30 frames per second.


Last week, an Amazon game controller leaked online, which adds a certain amount of credibility to the dongle’s game streaming abilities. The game controller will be sold as an accessory to the dongle, and will also work with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

The dongle-based design is an interesting choice for Amazon, but one that makes sense. The Chromecast has been wildly successful since its launch last year and continues to be one of the best-selling gadgets in this segment. Amazon is clearly targeting Google with its set top box. Like Google, Amazon also has a content delivery engine that offers music, movies and books, but an area where it has a clear advantage is in gaming. Amazon sells digital download versions of most AAA PC titles, and could build a catalogue of games that can be remotely streamed to the dongle. There is no official confirmation from Amazon as to when this dongle would be available, but estimates suggest that an official announcement would be forthcoming sometime later this month.

Source: TechCrunch

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