Following shortly after leaks for AMD's 2012 desktop roadmap, DonanimHaber has revealed AMD's Notebook roadmap for 2012. 2012 will bring AMD's 2nd generation Fusion APUs. Llano/A-Series will give way to Trinity based APUs while E-Series will be updated to Wichita, and C-Series to Krishna. 

New to the 2012 product segmentation will be a high performance quad-core 60W Trinity APU. Trinity will update the currently archaic CPU part of Fusion with latest Bulldozer/Piledriver cores and the GPU part with the VLIW-4 architecture currently only used in Radeon HD 6900 series. While 60W may sound like an extreme TDP for a notebook processor, it is only 5W more than Intel's current flagship – Core i7 2920XM. Of course, Trinity is also expected to integrate a far more powerful GPU than Intel's 2012 contender – Ivy Bridge. 

The rest of the A-Series line-up will be direct updates to the current product segmentation of A8, A6 and A4 series. All three classes will feature 35W and 45W SKUs. The first A8 tier will feature 4-core Trinity APU with the top GPU line. The A6 tier will be 4-core Weatherford APU – presumably Trinity with cut down GPU parts and lower clock speed. Finally, the A4 tier will be dual-core Richland APU, presumably a dual-core version of Trinity. Unlike the current E2 Series, the next-gen replacement will not be based on the mainstream Fusion part (Trinity in 2012). Instead, it will be based on the Bobcat replacement – Wichita. The E2 tier will be covered by a 20W quad-core APU, while the 18W E-Series APUs will be replaced by a dual-core Wichita APU. Finally, the C-Series will updated with a 8W dual-core Krishna APU, most probably a lower clocked version of Wichita 2-core. 

It is possible that the current branding A, C and E series will move forward to the next-generation, with A-series moving to Ax-4000.  Indeed, the product segmentation is remarkably similar, with the addition of a 60W flagship SKU. 

2012 is still a long way away and a very ambiguous timeline for release. With such leaks, it is standard procedure to take everything with a bag of salt. 

Source: DonanimHaber