The ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme motherboard, targeted at both hardcore gamers and extreme overclockers, has made an appearance. We received an email earlier from ASUS containing pictures of this AMD 890FX chipset based motherboard. In its haste to get ready for the camera, it seems to have forgotten about its heatsink.

Catch more of the Crosshair IV Extreme inside.

Similar to the Crosshair IV Formula, the Crosshair IV Extreme uses the AMD 890FX chipset and the AMD SB850 southbridge.

However, the Crosshair IV Extreme sports some electrical improvements such as the usage of Super ML capacitors, and a different PWM circuitry.

Found only on the Crosshair IV Extreme, is the Lucid Hydra 200 chip. The Lucid Hydra allows enthusiasts to mix and match graphics cards from both ATI and NVIDIA while building multi-GPU configurations.

There are a total of five PCI Express x16 expansion slots on this board; running 4-way CrossFire or throwing in a mix of cards from both camps isn’t going to be of any issue.