The Crosshair IV Extreme has PCI Express x16 hardware switches to switch each slot on or off. This feature can be used to check individual graphics card functionality (in multi-GPU setups) or to activate/deactivate specific cards.

There are voltage measuring points in front of the PCI Express x16 switches.

Six out of the nine SATA ports utilise the AMD SB850 southbridge’s native SATA 6Gbps controller. These six ports are red in color.

The dual BIOS implementation is an ‘overclocker-friendly feature’ that ‘reduces the hassles in overclocking’.


Lastly, the ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth features allow users to control this system remotely and wirelessly.


It looks like this ASUS board would be setting the benchmark in terms of overclocking capability and features. While there are no dates as to when it would hit retail shelves, expect pricing to be pretty steep.