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AMD A-Series Mobile APU details leaked

Not long after revealing details for AMD's top A8-3530MX, DonanimHaber has now published a full list of all A Series APUs expected in the Sabine platform, for laptops. The TDP range covered is 35W to 45W, between dual core and quad core CPUs, with upto a 400 SP Radeon IGP. As expected, there will be a E2-3000M released too, based on a harvested Llano die. 

As reported before, the top Llano part for notebooks will be the A8-3530MX, featuring a quad core CPU with a base clock of 1.9 GHz and Turbo upto 2.6 GHz. Next in line is the A8-3510MX which is very similar to the 3530MX, but features a 100 MHz downclock on CPU clock speeds. The final A8 APU is the A8-3500M. With the "X", the 3500M loses support for DDR3-1600. While the max clock is only 100 MHz below the 3510MX, the base speed is now a meagre 1.5 GHz. The TDP is 35W, which is quite low for a quad core with a 400SP GPU. All A8 APUs feature the same GPU – HD 6520G – 400 SP clocked at 444 MHz. The A8-3500M will suffer from memory bandwidth restrictions as it only supports upto DDR3-1333. 

The A6 series features a different crippled GPU with 320 SP clocked at 400 MHz. A similar patter is followed, with the A6-3410MX featuring a 45W TDP with DDR3-1600 support. The A6-3400M sports a 35W TDP with DDR3-1333 support. While it is clocked at a lowly 1.4 GHz, it can turbo all the way upto 2.3 GHz. 

Finally, we have the dual core APUs – A4 series. The A4 series features 2 cores with 2MB L2 cache and a HD 6480G GPU featuring 240 SP at 444 MHz. The A4-3310MX is clocked at 2.1 GHz, the highest of all mobile Llano CPUs, but only supports DDR3-1333. A4-3300M clocks at 1.9 GHz but retains the same max clock at 2.5 GHz. 

The E2-3000M is a cut down dual-core Llano, with only 1MB L2 cache and a 160SP HD 6380G GPU. The base clock is 1.8 GHz with a max clock of 2.4 GHz. The TDP of 35W suggests that this is more of salvaged product than a low-power one. 

The first thing worth noticing is the underwhelming clock speeds – in many cases lower than their Phenom II / Athlon II / Turion II ancestors – despite featuring a similar architecture. It is clear that Llano is a mainstream APU and strives to offer a CPU-GPU balance, rather than being CPU-centric. For pure CPU performance, the mobile arena will have to wait for Bulldozer to find a Sandy Bridge competitor. As far as value GPU performance goes, Llano has the potential to open up a new segment in the notebook market. 

Source: DonanimHaber

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