A Closer Look

 cpu2 AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400Mhz FSB Barton Review

The new AMD Athlon XP 3200+ of course
does not really differentiate itself from its predecessors
in physical looks, and looks identical to the 2500+,
2800+, and 3000+ Barton Athlon XP’s that hit the
market earlier this year. The 3200+ is rumored to
be the last high end Socket A processor produced
by AMD, but with quite a few months left before
the Athlon 64 launches, many have hopes that AMD
will be able to squeeze out one more Athlon XP before
the move to 64 bit computing.

cpu3 AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400Mhz FSB Barton Review

A few weeks ago the prices of Athlon XP’s 3000+
and lower dropped down significantly, to make way
for the 3200+, which is available at a very affordable
price of $ 464 (in 1000 unit quantities). This contrasts
sharply to the $ 550+ price tag that was slated for
the 3000+ at its launch.

Model Number



$ 464


$ 325


$ 225


$ 180


$ 151


$ 124


$ 103


$ 81


$ 79


$ 66

interesting to note is the clock speed of the 3200+,
which is 2.2Ghz (11×200), and only about 30Mhz
faster than the 3000+. Of course the real difference
in the two processors is the front side bus used,
with the 3000+ running a 333Mhz FSB while the 3200+
runs a 400Mhz FSB. Usually when AMD introduces a new
processor yielding a new FSB, the high end CPU along
with a handful of slower processors are transitioned
using the new FSB, but this time thing were a little
different and the 3200+ is for now the only AMD
Athlon XP processor that runs at a 400Mhz front side