Apparently, AMD gave details regarding the pricing of the 8-Core FX series processors in its website showing the approximate retail value for the Bulldozers to be at $300 each.

Yes, the AMD 8-core FX series processors are coming soon. Reported on Monday this week, the FX-8100 and FX-8150 are scheduled to launch on 19th of September (refer to our article here). Apparently, AMD gave some details regarding the pricing of the 8-core processors. In one of its event, AMD FX Giveaway (link), AMD listed the pricing of the AMD FX series 8-core processors to retail at approximately US$300 (S$360) in its Rules and Regulations page (link).

Above: Screenshot of AMD FX Giveaway's Rules and Regulations page

Comparing this piece of information with the earlier one posted on June 10 (link), we can roughly guage the pricing of US$300 to be the value for the FX-8100 processor. If it turns out wrong, it will be an added bonus for us all. The main concern right now for our local consumers will be the actual date this 8-core Bulldozer processors can hit our shores and the final pricing which will probably be about S$400.

Source: Xbitlabs