AMD will be refreshing its Fusion APU line with new processors in Q3. We managed to get a glimpse of a E-450 APU motherboard at Computex.

We spotted an E-450 motherboard at Computex in PowerColor's booth. PowerColor's main business is graphics cards, but it seems they have decided to make some Fusion motherboards as well. This board looks like an early sample, and also appears to have either a mini PCIe or mSATA connector.

It has been reported that the E-450 will get a slight CPU speed bump to 1.65GHz and Turbo Core. DDR3-1333 support will be added, and the GPU will be upgraded to a HD 6320 with the same number of stream processors as the HD 6310 but faster clockspeeds.

The FCH also appears to have a newer revision number.