We have an idea of the FX-Series lineup, as well as pricing, now a forum user on ZOL.com.cn has purportedly leaked official Asus slides revealing clock speeds for AMD's upcoming FX CPUs. The flagship part, the FX-8130P, features eight cores clocked at a base 3.8 GHz, with Turbo Core upto 4.2 GHz. 

Next in line is the FX-8110, clocked at 3.6 GHz, with Turbo Core upto 4.0 GHz. AMD have managed to get 8 cores running at 3.6 GHz with a TDP of only 95W. The two other CPUs mentioned are 6-core FX-6110 and FX-4110. Unfortunately, their clock speeds are erased and the forum poster refrained from mentioning more details about them. 

All AMD FX-Series CPUs and 9-series motherboards are now expected to release on 11th June at E3 2011, with availability following shortly after. 

Source: Zol forums