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AMD hopes to bridge next-gen gaming consoles and PCs


AMD chipsets are in all of the major next-gen consoles, what does this entail for developers and PC gamers?

It looks like AMD are the real winners of the next console generation, with the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One all be powered by their customised SoCs. The current generation only had the XBox 360, but AMD have definitely proven themselves to be more console friendly with their latest business ties. With all the companies are trying to push for the concept of PC’s in a home console, it seems that AMD are at least trying to make that dream come true.

A feature by PC Advisor talked about how AMD is definitely hoping to make PC or Console ports a less disruptive and comparative process for future game developers. This would mean future titles may not have to “drop their graphical quality or rearrange certain parts of the game, no matter what system they’re on”. AMD have dubbed the new plan, the “Unified Gaming Strategy” which came in place since last year’s GDC.


The main aim was to make porting from PC to console or vice versa easier on developers and game publishers, so they would have time and money to focus on the other parts of their project. This could even include portable devices depending on the tech in next-generation smartphones and tablets.

Since new consoles will now be using x86 processors much like the PC, this puts AMD in a place they’ve never been before. Last month’s Steam Survey did show a high frequency of Nvidia cards still being installed, but this could definitely switch with more AAA  titles being developed for next-gen systems and PC’s. Not to mention ports being made for devices such as the Oculus Rift or even Google Glass could be a real game changer. With the much-anticipated AMD APU, code-named Kaveri, due later this year, AMD could definitely strike it big before the 2013 is over.

Matt Skynner, the corporate vice president of AMD, noted that they’re hoping to make sure AMD becomes more of a brand than anything else. “If we can create a gaming experience on the console and client as well as in the cloud… we’re going to build our brand, we’re going to build our market share, we’re going to win,” which could mean total domination for the AMD crew. AMD’s Lisa Su said of the situation, that it is “absolutely the end goal to create a development ecosystem where first-party games will be written to the games consoles first.” Most of all Su hopes that there would be a “leverage” with AMD’s investment into the PC market, as well smartphones and even cloud computing.

Stranger things have happened.

via RockPaperShotgun

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