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AMD launches the Radeon HD 6670, 6570, 6450

Finally we have the Radeon HD 6670 which is the fastest sub US$99 (S$124) card from AMD and this is really where things get a little bit more interesting. AMD's slogan for the card is "gaming at 1080p starts here" although we're not sure this applies to all games. Feature wise the Radeon HD 6670 has been given the same spec bump over the Radeon HD 5670 as the Radeon HD 6570 did over the Radeon HD 5670, i.e. 80 additional shaders and four more texture units, although this time the core clock of the GPU has given a small boost to 800MHz as well. Everything else remains unchanged as far as we can tell.

AMD seems to have come up with a couple different reference designs here as the card we saw from AMD was a full-size card, but other publications have been sent a low-profile card with a double height cooler to look at. Performance wise we're still not exactly looking at a card that can handle every and all games at 1920×1080 resolution, despite AMD's fancy slogan for the card. That said, it's a huge improvement over the other two cards and this is without a doubt the card to get out of the three if you're a gamer on a limited budget.

That said, the MSRP pricing is just not competitive as you could pick up a last gen Radeon HD 5770 for about the same kind of money and you're looking at a far superior card here, even if it's last year's hardware. The only minor advantage that the Radeon HD 6670 offers is support for up to four displays in Eyefinity mode, but that's only if a partner comes out with a board with four display interfaces or some kind of special solution like we've seen from Sapphire in the past where one of the DVI ports can be connected to two displays.

AMD's biggest competitor for these new cards is funnily enough not always Nvidia, as in most cases it's its own last generation cards, as the price of the higher-end SKUs have dropped so much by now that they offer a better price/performance ratio for the same or very similar money. 

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