Recent rumours of AMD shipping Llano in April were met with some skepticism. However, the rumours have turned out to be true, as AMD is shipping Llano A-series APUs to OEMs, as of 4th April 2011, for revenue. In a webcast, CFO and Interim CEO Thomas Seifert announced, “Customers are very excited about Llano coming to market and we will look forward to seeing our “Llano”-based systems in the market this quarter — the second quarter.”

In fact, Llano (as part of the Sabine platform) has been shipping since late March, as suggested by the above picture – a celebration at AMD's Singapore branch. 

While AMD remains silent about when we can expect the OEMs to ship systems with A-series APUs, rumours suggest we can see Sabine based laptops as early as May. Of course, we can certainly expect the notebook and desktop worlds, OEM and retail, to be flooded with A-series Fusion APUs within this quarter, by June. Rumours suggest AMD has notched up an impressive number of design wins for its A-series APUs. 

Despite being so close to release, we don't know much about Llano and it's Sabine platform and Socket FM1, beyond a tentative line-up and some performance demos by AMD. 

AMD's Llano release is now expected to be closely followed by its next-gen CPU release, FX-Series (Bulldozer) in what is a crucial few months for AMD. 

Source: AMD Blogs