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AMD planning to launch mid-range Radeon R7 250X

New mid-range card will fill the hole between the Radeon R7 250 and the R7 260, as well as compete against Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 750-750 Ti.


As Nvidia prepares to launch a new mid-range series of cards, AMD is planning to counter with its own mid-range card: the Radeon R7 250X.

The Radeon R7 250X is based on AMD’s 28nm Oland or Bonaire LE silicon, and is said to pack 640 Stream Processors, 40 TMUs and 16 ROPs. Videocardz reports that it will come in 1 or 2 GB editions, and will likely have a clock speed of 1.00 GHz with memory clocked at 4.50 GHz (72 GB/s) on a 128-bit bus.

As Fudzilla points out, this card is a mere rebrand of the Radeon HD 7770.


Neither AMD nor its board partners have officially announced a release date or pricing for this card, but looking around the web it isn’t hard to find this information out. Amazon is currently listing an overclocked version of the card by Diamond Multimedia for $99, and a number of different branded versions of the card are on eBay for around the same price. Likely, since the card is such a close rebrand to the Radeon HD 7770, versions leaked out from channel as this wasn’t a strongly coordinated launch.

No information is available on an official launch of the card, but considering Nvidia’s GTX 750-750 Ti is expected next month AMD might make some noise about this card then.

Source: Videocardz

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