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AMD Plans To Drop Its Stickers From Desktops And Notebooks

Do you get annoyed by the amount of stickers OEM put on your brand-new notebook or desktop? If so, you are not alone: AMD apparently also takes issue with the practice, and is working to develop stickers which peel off cleanly. That, or scrap its sticker scheme altogether. Sounds great for the consumer, no?

Have you ever felt that your computer resembles more of a racing car, complete with various sponsors’ logos, decals and whatnots, instead of a computer? If so, you are definitely not alone. After all, it seems as though OEMs have some sort of obsession for those tiny stickers which are always found on the palmrest of a notebook or at the bottom of a desktop tower.

Of course, there are some who actually like these stickers, but for others, they are nothing but eye-sores. Especially when one takes into account the fact that these stickers usually do not peel of easily: the stiff, processor stickers from AMD and Intel usually leave behind a sticky residue in their wake, while thinner stickers usually split in the process, resulting in even more mess.

Fortunately, it seems that some changes may be in store. According to a report in The New York Times, it seems that even AMD has a bone to pick with the concept of turning PCs into mini billboards, and is considering steps to allow consumers an easier time in removing the offending stickers. Measures include switching over to different stickers sometime in 2011 which can be peeled off without leaving any residue behind, and in the more drastic cases, ditching the stickers altogether.

But for now, the company has decided to make the advertising stickers optional. While that sounds great in theory, whether OEMs will take up AMD’s offer remains to be seen.

Source: The New York Times via Maximum PC

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