Mr Tan who is the overall in charge for Quality and
Engineering Dept. gave us an overview of the whole operation of the AMD
Singapore Plant.

Note : The backend flow charts of the K7 and K8 cpus are removed due to
confidentiality reasons

Here are the flow charts of how AMD Singapore tests the K7 and
K8 assembled dies from the Malaysia plant. Notice that the laser marking on the
AMD chips are marked as “Assembled In Malaysia”. The final testing and
validation are done in the Singapore plant before the processors are packed and
shipped out. It is interesting to know that the attachment of the 4 sponges on
the Athlon XP is known as “Compliant Thermal Pad Attach”. K8 on the other hand
will not require this step since it is attached with a heat spreader.

Next we will be touring some of the facilities of the plant but
many areas are restricted to photography.