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AMD promises to fix CrossfireX with driver update, coming July 31st

AMD will finally deliver a long-awaited driver update to fix the ‘runt’ frames issue faced by people using multiple AMD GPUs in CrossfireX configuration on July 31st.

Via their Twitter account, AMD confirmed that a new set of AMD Catalyst drivers, scheduled to be released on July 31st, will fix the long-standing issue of ‘runt’ frames produced when multiple AMD GPUs are used in CrossfireX mode. FRAPS, a piece of software that displays and counts the number of frames being rendered and displayed on the screen.

Up until now, a bug in the drivers leads to such software counting ‘runt’ (rogue) frames which are not actually displayed on-screen. As a result, despite choppy performance, users were led to believe that their cards were actually spitting out magical numbers.

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