We are still missing one card for quadfire (Kim Jong-un aides probably hijacked the package for his Christmas present), but till then, here are some 3-way Crossfire results…

Test Setup:

As the software voltage tool we used for our 1.26GHz core overclock yesterday didn't work with multiple cards, we clocked all the cards to 1100Mhz on the core and 1500Mhz on the memory. We also flashed the R4E's latest 0001 bios, which has further PCIe 3.0 signal tweaks for the HD7970.


3DMark 11 v1.03 Performance Preset (single card scores P9532)


3DMark 11 v1.03 Extreme Preset (single card scores X3219)


Unigine Heaven 2.5 (single card scores 78.3fps)


Computemark (single card scores 6951)


Battlefield 3 (DX11) 1080p Ultra Preset

Going Hunting Single Player Level Fraps Runthrough



With such stellar performance already on 3 cards, we really can't wait for our 4th card to arrive and extended voltage options to be available for multiple cards! A quick check on our power meter showed around 900W power usage while in Battlefield 3 (quite the GPU waller) – which again outclasses previous generation cards. AMD have really shut the door on its competitiors this time…