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AMD releases ‘Never Settle Forever’ bundle

AMD’s next game bundle, first revealed by VR-Zone, has been launched by AMD has new games and for the first time a tiered reward set.


AMD today launched the follow up to its highly popular Never Settle bundling program, Never Settle Forever.

Never Settle Forever is slightly different from AMD’s previous bundles insofar that if offers three tiers of rewards based upon the GPU purchased.


On the top is AMD’s gold tier, which offers the choice of three games, including the new Tomb Raider. Next is the silver tier, which offers the choice of two games from a slightly smaller list, and lastly is the bronze tier, which offers the choice of one game.

Here’s how the reward tiers line up to video cards:

  • Gold Tier: HD 7950 and HD 7970

  • Silver Tier: HD 7800 series

  • Bronze Tier: HD 7770 and HD 7790

Disappointingly, there aren’t any new titles in the library AMD is offering. AMD also chose to drop Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 from the lineup, both were huge successes in previous Never Settle bundles. However, AMD said that more titles are coming soon and customers can redeem their game coupons until December 31.


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