With HD6950/6970 and the HD6870/6870 catered for the high-end market segment, AMD has also released the HD6750/6770 for the mainstream market. The HD5700 series, based on the Juniper architecture were renamed to HD6700 series.

This new cards would come with added support for HDMI 1.4a compared to the older HD5700 series, which features enhancements for 3D applications. However, the HD6700 series would be mainly for OEMs and unlikely to be seen in retail.

The HD 6770 features 800 stream processors, DirectX 11 support and a 128-bit memory interface coupled with GDDR5 memory. The younger brother, HD 6750 will feature 720 stream processors instead. Both of these cards is expected to have the same clock speed as the old HD 5700 series.

Both cards are listed on AMD’s website here.

Source: Fudzilla News