Graphics and Heterogeneous System Architecture


Recommended Dual Graphics Configurations (Mobile GDDR3 Northern Islands)

Discreet GPU Pair with A10 Series HD 7660G Pair with A8 Series HD 7640G Pair with A6 Series HD 7520G
HD 7670M (Thames XT) 7660G + 7670M 7640G + 7670M 7520G + 7670M
HD 7650M (Thames Pro) 7660G + 7650M 7640G + 7650M 7520G + 7650M
HD 7550M (Thames Pro) 7660G + 7550M 7640G + 7550M 7520G + 7550M
HD 7510M (Thames LE) 7660G + 7510M 7640G + 7510M 7520G + 7510M
HD 7450M (Seymour XT) 7660G + 7450M 7640G + 7450M 7520G + 7450M


Trinity's graphics is an improvement over Llano's but it still employs the VLIW4 architecture of the Radeon 6000 series instead of the more modern Graphics Core Next on recent Southern Islands GPUs (UVD engine on the Radeon 7000 was backported though).


Double Precision is capped at 1/16 SP.


Heterogeneous System Architecture is a developer initiative by AMD to seemlessly utilize CPU and GPU (hence APU) to accelerate applications with scalar processing on CPU and parallel processing on the GPU (as a co-processor).