AMD’s hopeful Titan-killer is priced at $729.99 on NewEgg, comes with 4GB GDDR5 memory, and has a base clock of 800 MHz. radeon rx 290x 2 1024x576 AMDs R9 290X specs and price leak

Information about AMD’s upcoming R9 290X card has began to appear online.

TechPowerUp spotted the card’s price in the source code on NewEgg’s listing for the MSI edition. The card comes in at $729.99 on NewEgg, which means it likely has an MSRP of $699. The sloppy coding has since been fixed.

Swedish etailer Webhallen posted the card’s full specs on their listing (it has since been redacted):

r9 zps22ab00f2 AMDs R9 290X specs and price leak

  • GPU Codename – Hawaii

  • GPU Process – 28nm

  • Stream Processors – 2816

  • TMUs – 176

  • ROPs – 44 (64)

  • Base Clock – 800 MHz

  • Turbo Clock – 1000 MHz

  • VRAM – 4GB GDDR5

  • Memory Bus – 512-Bit

  • Memory Clock – 1250 MHz (5GHz Effective)

  • Memory Bandwidth – 320 GBps

  • Power Configuration – 8+6 Pin

  • PCB VRM – 5+1+1

  • Die Size – 424mm2

  • Transistors – 6 billion

  • 3D Technology – DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.3 and Mantle

  • Audio Technology – AMD TrueAudio

Nvidia has an event in Montreal (a hub for game development) scheduled for later this month, where it will likely unveil a new member of its GTX Titan family. It will be interesting to see how it runs against the R9 290X in benchmarks, as rumors say it will beat AMD’s card on all counts.

Source: TechPowerUp