AMD’s top channel salesman sat down with VR-Zone to talk about his upcoming program to pitch the current breed of Richland APUs as an almost as good alternative to Intel’s Haswell processors.


AMD is planning an upcoming promotion with system builders and e-tailers called “8-Ball” to highlight the A10-6800K’s cost advantage over the Haswell i5-4670K.

As Roy Taylor, AMD’s vice president of global channel sales, explained to VR-Zone (full interview coming soon), not enough people know about the virtually imperceptible performance gap in real world scenarios between, for example, the Richland A10-6800K ($149) and the Haswell i5-4670K ($239), although they are priced worlds apart.

Taylor’s logic comes down to this: Intel’s i5-4670K is $100 more expensive on average than the A10-6800K and a supporting motherboard usually costs between $30-$40 more. Looking at that $140 cost gap, the performance gap is pretty narrow. The Richland A10 has 3,618 PC Mark 8 Home score while the i5-4670k hits 3,688 — a 70 point/2% difference.

“Benchmarks are our friend,” Taylor said. “In rational measures of products, we win.”

Neither Taylor nor AMD PR would shed any light on the exact starting date of this deal, but hinted it would roll out within the next few weeks.