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Analyst claims iPhone 6 is coming this July

Analyst from Mizuho Securities cites supply chain readiness as reason for pending launch. 


We’ll be seeing the launch of two new iPhones this summer, if one analyst is correct in their assessment.

The thing about predictions made by analysts is that you can never be too sure, they often have a hit or miss track record. Their predictions are almost always based on checks of the supply chain, which is predominantly based in Asia.

Though its not like this is the first time it was been said that Apple is going to release new iPhones this year earlier than expected. In 2013 the two new iPhones were launched in September, keeping in line with Apple’s traditional release cycles. Since then it has been rumored multiple times that Apple is going to launch new iPhones this summer, and that it will finally cave in to consumer trends and also launch an iPhone phablet. The phablet is said to have a 5.5 inch display, whereas the iPhone 6 is expected to come with a 4.7 inch display. Its possible that the iPhone 5C may not get a successor.

Mizuho Securities’ analyst Abhey Lamba predicts based on his checks of the supply chain that the wheels are already in motion and suppliers are gearing up to start building new iPhones for Apple. Lamba also says that iOS 8, due to be unveiled at WWDC 2014, will finally give developers the ability to tap into Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. Currently Apple doesn’t allow developers to use the fingerprint sensor, so the sensor’s functionality is pretty much limited to granting access and approving iTunes payments.

Rumors about the iPhone 6 and iPhone phablet are a dime a dozen. The supply chain is unpredictable at best, and often completely in the dark. Though there is the strong possibility that the next iPhone, whenever its launched and whatever it ends up being called, is going to have a larger display than all of its predecessors.

Source: Street Insider

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