Apple has apparently been working on a lower cost iPhone for quite some time.  Here is yet another rumor indicating that it could be available in a handful of colors.

The idea that Apple is working on an iPhone that will be aimed at emerging markets isn’t a new one.  In fact, rumors that it will be available in multiple colors isn’t new either, but it’s something that seems a little hard to believe given how guarded Apple has been in expanding their line of phones beyond black and white.

Analayst Bryan White has told CNET that he thinks that the low-cost iPhone will be available in five colors, those being black, white, pink, blue, and one more that he didn’t say. He also expects it to release before the iPhone 5S which is expected in September. As for the iPhone 6, he believes that the phone will come out in 2014 (of course) and feature a larger display than the current iPhone, which has been rumored in the past.


It’s unknown when Apple will announce the low-cost iPhone but it’s expected to happen between now and September and probably not any later. If you’ve been hoping for a cheaper iPhone to get off-contract and are a fan of the color pink then feel free to get hyped.

Source: CNET