So you have an iPhone 4 and one of Apple's impressive iPad 2. That's nice. But as we all know, buying a product is only the first step of the Apple experience, and that one will need a variety of third-party accessories in order to get the most out of his or her Apple product. Which is precisely what Andino's Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case and PowerPlus II Lite battery pack are designed to do for Apple's iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

When one pays good money to purchase devices that are designed specially to appeal to the fashion-conscious, it goes without saying that such devices could always use some form of protection in the form of third-party cases and bumpers. After all, with luxury products like Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad 2 tablet devices costing a lot more than most of the competition, users will definitely want to ensure that their drool-worthy, Steve Jobs-approved fashion statements remain well protected from the likes of nicks and scratches.

And if you are going to invest in protection for your iPhone and iPad 2, why not spend a little more and get some protective gear that not only shows off your individuality, but comes with some added functionality at the same time? Which, coincidentally, happens to be what Andino is offering to owners of iOS-powered devices with its Andino Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case and PowerPlus II Lite battery pack for the iPhone 4.

Andino Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case

According to Andino, the Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case is a protective case which has been designed to cater to the fashion-conscious and utilizes high-quality denim for its exterior. In addition, the Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case also has a built-in "inner spine" which enables the case to cater for both landscape and portrait viewing (as shown below).

PowerPlus II Lite battery pack

According to Andino, the PowerPlus II Lite mobile battery pack is "an enhanced-capacity battery case" which is said to be capable of doubling an iPhone 4's uptime on a single battery charge. Designed to serve as both an iPhone 4 bumper case and a mobile battery recharger at the same time, Andino claims that the PowerPlus II Lite mobile battery pack was created to cope with the "increasing demands of smartphone users" while offering additional protection for the iPhone 4 at the same time. 

Both the Andino Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case and the PowerPlus II Lite battery pack are currently available for sale at the retail price of S$59 and can be purchased at the following flagship stores:

  • Love Mobile – The Cathay @ Dhoby Ghaut, #01-10
  • Love Mobile – nex @ Serangoon Central, #04-40
  • Love Mobile – Hougang Point Festival Market, #01-05
  • Love Mobile – Whitesands Shopping Centre, #03-22
  • Stereo Electronics Pte Ltd – Plaza Singapore, #04-06
  • Stereo Electronics Pte Ltd – Causeway Point, #04-08/09/10/35