With everyone around you owning a brilliant piece of Apple's technology, one of the few ways you can differentiate and personalise your gadget(s) is with all sorts of individualistic cases and sleeves. If you are looking for something that is rugged yet looks good with whatever you are wearing, read on and check out what Andino has to offer. Besides denim cases, we will also take a look at an external battery case for the iPhone 4 that is also made by Andino.

One of the decision that most iPhone and iPad users have to make after getting their cherished device is what kind of case to pick. Not only does the case serve its primary task of protecting your gadget, it also allows you to personalise and stylise your beloved iPhone or iPad. While there are literally tons of different designs, materials and functions out there in the wild, this is probably the first mass-marketed iOS device cases that comes in denim. This should strike a cord with many, as jeans go along with almost anything right?

Based in Singapore, Andino has come out with a line of denim cases and has thoughtfully included a crystal screen protector with all their cases, including the external battery case as well. With three different shades of denim available throughout their Texas line of cases, today we have a hands-on feel with their cases and see how it fits with our iPhone 4 and iPad 2.