Now let us take a look at the other style of case which Andino offers for the iPad 2. Known as the Arc-Stand Style, the case we have in the photographs is featured in the shade of Texas Blade, which is the middle hue of colours that Andino offers. The packaging is exactly the same as the case we have just looked at. The case has a 'spilt' on the back as it provides multiple viewing heights / angles, but it still feels as sturdy and solid.

Front View

Back View

With the iPad fitted

Doesn't the leather just bring out the elegance of the iPad? Matched with the rugged and casual denim front, I foresee that this might appeal to many. The iPad 2 feels really tight inside the case, which is something that I look for in a case. Even if it is a little too tight, the leather will stretch out a bit to accommodate the iPad's shape. If the iPad fits loosely inside the case, you might end up with fine scratches on the aluminum back of your iPad 2. So Andino has done this portion spot on.


Mini-stand extended

Different viewing heights

This case also has a small stand that allows you to set it to the right angle for typing, similar to the previous case. But the same issue persists – if you are not typing on a sturdy surface, the little stand would just collapse. The Arc-Stand case also features grooves that allow your iPad 2 to rest on and thus, creating different viewing angles. Again, similar to the stand, if you are not using the case on a smooth and stable surface, it would simply collapse. There should be something like a velcro material to secure the iPad firmly on the grooves.

Touching on how the case feels, it is really nice to hold and like in the previous case, and is able to protect your iPad 2 from any dings or scratches.


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