Samsung has announced that both the Galaxy S III and S4 will receive their Android 4.3 updates in October, with the S4 also receiving support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. 


The official word on when two of Samsung’s most successful devices, the Galaxy S3 and S4, will be updated to Android 4.3 has finally reared its face today, at the company’s IFA event in Berlin. Come October, both devices will start receiving updates to the latest version of Android, and the Galaxy S4 will also be getting compatibility with the Galaxy Gear, which currently works with only the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy S3 owners will be especially happy here, as the wait for the next major update after Android 4.1 will come to an end in over a month’s time. They’ll receive the minor changes Android 4.3 brings, while also getting some new and snazzy TouchWiz features that were introduced on the Galaxy S4, some of which were seen on the leaked Android 4.2.2 ROM earlier this year.

However, something Samsung didn’t mention was the Galaxy Note 2, a device that sold millions but is yet to receive an update to a newer version of Android. Sure, the long wait means they’ll directly jump up two versions, but the fact that Samsung still doesn’t have a set date for when that might happen is rather disappointing, and will see considerable angst from owners of the neglected device.

Via: Engadget