The Android 4.4.4 update comes less than a month after Android 4.4.3 was rolled out, making it one of the quickest updates Google has ever pushed out.

Android KitKat

Google has followed up Android 4.4.3 with a quick update to 4.4.4 for Nexus devices, in order to fix various security bugs.

According to comments left on Google+ by Android Engineering Program Manager Sascha Prüter, Android 4.4.4 is a minor update and primarily addresses the CVE-2014-0224 flaw, which was discovered in OpenSSL after the Heartbleed bug took the internet by storm. Android 4.4.3 was expected to patch all Heartbleed-related vulnerabilities, but it looks like Google missed out on a few and decided to act quickly to make up for the oversight.

Android 4.4.4 comes at an interesting time – Google’s I/O developer conference is set to kick off next week, where we will possibly be introduced to a newer, more major version of the OS. The update is currently rolling out to the Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10 over the air, and factory images for the update have also been posted by Google. More information on what the update brings is expected within the next 48 hours, though it’s unlikely any of the changes will have a noticeable user-facing impact.

Via: ArsTechnica