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Android 4.3 and white Nexus 4 coming June 10th

Android and Me is reporting that the white version of the Nexus 4 and Android version 4.3 will both be available come June 10th.

There were a few notable things that were absent from Google’s big I/O keynote this past Wednesday. One of those things was a hardware refresh of any kind, including the heavily rumored White Nexus 4 that may or may not support LTE; and the other thing was an update to the operating system, namely version 4.3.

Well, it appears that two of those things are still coming relatively soon.  Android and Me has gotten their hands on a white Nexus 4, which they claim is identical to the Nexus 4 in every way except for the color of the casing. It will apparently be released to the Play Store on June 10th, which they claim is also the same day Android 4.3 will be available.

As for specific details on any possible internal changes to the Nexus 4, there doesn’t seem to be any, or at least none were mentioned.  Furthermore, Android 4.3 seems to be a bit of a mystery regarding what it will include, especially considering rumors that Key Lime Pie was delayed until a later date, so it’s hard to tell what may have been held back because of that. One rumored change is the addition of Bluetooth Smart support, which is something the other competitors already have, but nonetheless would be a welcome addition.

We’ll have to wait until June 10 to know for sure, but it’s nice to know that 4.3 may still be coming to hold people over until 5.0 is ready.

Source: Android and Me

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