The way developers try to keep their project under wraps with the use of codenames can serve as entertaining reading material. And from the looks of it, this list of leaked Android codenames that we have found floating around in cyberspace is definitely good for a little laugh and distraction from the day’s work. Oh, and while you are at it, do tell us what is your favorite codename from that list; we’d love to know.

We all know that Google has some sort of fascination with food: that is probably the only reason why its Android operating system has codenames based off popular snacks like cupcakes, donuts and eclairs. But it seems that Google’s food obsession has gone a little deeper than just sticking random names on new Android releases.

Apparently, hidden within the Apache license in Android is a complete list of possible codenames for Android, and suffice to say they run the gamut from cliché to downright ludicrious, for the lack of a better word. But then, you will be the judge of that. And so, without any further ado, we present to you the list:

private static final String[] CODE_NAMES = new String[] {
“Petit Four”,
“Icelandic Icing”,
“Koala Krisps”,
“Minced Meat”,
“Umbilical Cord”,

That being said, we definitely cannot wait to see how a ‘Minced Meat’, ‘Nuts’ or ‘Umbilical Cord’ version of Android will look like. Hopefully Google will not be nuts enough to ship an umbilical cord in the package, unless they furious customers to make minced meat out of them.

Source: Github