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Android Gingerbread update coming to LG Optimus One

LG Optimus One

Korean manufacturer LG has announced that the Android Gingerbread update will be coming to the Optimus One, and it could arrive around May. Definitely good news for Optimus One owners over here who had bought the phone since October last year.

For Android phone owners, the main concern is whether their phone is able to get future update in order to have a better user experience. And while phone manufacturers have promised updates to their various Android phones, some had failed to deliver their promises.

The latest Nexus S from Google and Samsung is equipped with the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile operating system. And apparently, from a recent FaceBook post, the Optimus One (LG P500) may be getting the update this May.

The LG Optimus One is currently retailing at S$428 (without contract).

Source: xda.cn

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