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Android leads U.S. smartphone sales, iOS in hot pursuit

Research firm Kantar has released the latest smartphone sales figures for the U.S. for a three-month period ending June 2013. Google’s Android managed to capture more than half of the total share, and Windows Phone continued its slow and steady climb as the growing third ecosystem.

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Research firm Kantar has released its latest report on the sales figures of mobile operating systems in the U.S., and unsurprisingly, Android has maintained its lead over its competitors in the three-month period ending June 2013. While it did see a drop to 51.5 percent from 52.6 percent year-on-year, the Google-owned platform was able to climb back up after falling to 49.3 percent in the last quarter.

Apple’s iOS is in hot pursuit of the little green robot, gaining a 3 percent share over the last year to further cement its position at number two, with a 42.5 percent share (though there was a drop of 1.2 percent since March 2013). South Africa may not be proving conducive to sales of the iPhone, but in the USA Apple doesn’t have anything to worry about just yet, especially if the budget iPhone turns out to be a reality.


Windows Phone is moving at a slow and steady pace, and was able to strengthen its hold on the U.S. market with a 4 percent share of smartphone sales, which should go up further with the launch of the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView phone. Meanwhile, BlackBerry’s dreams of becoming the third ecosystem went completely poof, as its BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones failed to ignite much interest, causing a fallback to a meager 1.1 percent share.

When it comes to carriers, Verizon scored the biggest hit, grabbing a 5 percent gain in sales over the past year and becoming the only carrier to actually see its numbers grow (it was also responsible for 40 percent of all iOS device sales, estimated to be more than both Android and Windows Phone). Sprint saw an 8.5 percent decline in unit sales, but managed to stay in the top three, just below A&T and a few notches above T-Mobile.


The data comes from Kantar’s USA consumer panel, which conducts more than 240,000 interviews per year with mobile phone users, and it is pretty much a certainty that Android and iOS will continue to maintain their leads in the foreseeable future. Windows Phone might be far off from gaining a double-digit share, but for now there’s no doubt as to which OS demands the title of the third ecosystem in the country..

Source: Kantar

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